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With all of the anger, bitterness, misconceptions, and blindness taking place in the world, I think this book needs to become a best friend to everyone! We are all born with the horrible personality aspect labeled as ‘judgment’.

We can’t help it. It’s instinct. What we CAN help, though, is how we react and the steps we take to understand rather than simply judging. This book is designed to help you do exactly what it’s titled – shift your filter on the world. Personally, I know that I wear blinders more often than I should. I have developed an understanding of why I perceive situations in the way I do; however, the next step to actually assuming the behavior, is a whole new level. The final step is to detach the filters. I have successfully completed the third step in some areas of my life but there are others that need a lot of work. One day at a time, right? With the election now behind us, I hope that many of us will learn to develop compassionate behavior toward one another — even if we are polar opposites. Filter Shift provides a sense of direction for rational behavior versus impulse behavior.

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