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Interpersonal effectieveness

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Myrna Marofsky
I was curious to see what new thinking there was on a subject I lived and breathed for 22 years—Diversity[...]
Blogger, Hollybee Tells
I love this book. It’s a huge eye opener and I’m a person who doesn’t have a huge issue with[...]
Jan Hively
In this high-pressured world, I've learned how to make quick decisions about people and then focus the conversation on what[...]
Amazon Customer
Great read! Supports the culture change going on in my company. I felt the stories were relatable and relevant. I[...]
Amazon Customer
Filter Shift was a terrific and compelling read full of "aha" moments and applicable examples. Can't recommend it enough for[...]
Rachel Zaragoza-Quaill
The way we interact with people from different background, cultures, and even households determines so much about how we spend[...]
UK Blogger, Lynchburg Mama
With all of the anger, bitterness, misconceptions, and blindness taking place in the world, I think this book needs to[...]
Maureen – Amazon Customer
Filter Shift arrives at a time of deep division in our country. What a timely book for those of us[...]
Amazon Customer
"The more difference the better.""I see complexity and I don't judge it." Words of wisdom from Sara Taylor's book Filter[...]
Sally A. Bass
Filter Shift is the book of the year! For those of us who work cross-culturally, this book is a standout[...]
M. Salzman
As a literacy coach in a large urban district, I work with a wide variety of individuals and groups; students,[...]
Donna Rae Sheffert
In the quest for increasing cultural competence for workplace effectiveness, it is rare to find a skillful, articulate coach like[...]