Rachel Zaragoza-Quaill

The way we interact with people from different background, cultures, and even households determines so much about how we spend our time, thoughts and actions. Every individual reacts and acts according to how they perceive the world around them and by the judgements they make of other people’s actions.

In the book, Filter Shift: How Effective People SEE the World, by Sara Taylor you are given a upfront and clear path to review your own biases and preconceptions about the world and people around you.

Taylor does an effective job in helping you pull yourself out of any “filters” that you do not even realize you are using while interacting with others. This can affect your personal goals, your career, even your state of mind. Taylor makes some very great points on just how we can damage our own progress in life just by not realizing the person next to you may have a totally different outlook or concept of how life is and should be. By opening up and looking beyond those “filters” you may begin to see an extraordinary way to live.

As an anthropologist, I felt that this book was very well put and easy to put into practice. Anthropologists are taught to see culture shifts and research the causes and analyze the results. By utilizing this book’s lessons you may begin to see that working with others that are so far removed from your own personal beliefs is a great benefit to how people interact. I highly recommend it!

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