Blogger, Hollybee Tells

I love this book. It’s a huge eye opener and I’m a person who doesn’t have a huge issue with differences as I am very different myself. I still took away so much and am looking forward to see how this will help me grow as a person and even grow my network marketing business.

For me the part that helped and opened my eyes a bit is the focus on color. I am not racist by any means, but I spent my teens in the country and at that time there were not many people of color around, most were Mexican farm workers, though there were one or two blacks. Before that I grew up in the city, in low income housing so I even though I knew there were some good people from different races, when I started being around blacks again I found myself nervous and a little on edge. I hated it, because I knew better. I am better now, but after reading this book. I’m hoping that I can use what I read and stop having that reaction at all.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to grow themselves and see the world with a new view. It’s a wonderful book for anyone in business as it can really show you how to better interact with people who are not like you.