About the Author

Sara is a nationally-recognized speaker, writer and consultant specializing in the areas of Leadership and Diversity. As a thought leader in the area of Cultural Competence, her proven theories, frameworks and tools are used by countless individuals and organizations to increase success and create greater effectiveness.
Sara is known for her ability to:
  • Inspire and develop individuals to be their most effective as they     interact across difference
  • Guide leaders to see and respond to the greater complexities of     today‚Äôs diverse work environment
  • Teach leaders how to drive their organizational culture instead of   be driven by it
  • Transform organizational Diversity and Inclusion work, taking it to   the next level of effectiveness
  • Develop tangible cultural competence skills
Sara holds a Master's degree in Diversity and Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota and, prior to founding her firm, deepSEE Consulting, was the Director of Diversity for Ramsey County, in St. Paul Minnesota, a Leadership and Diversity Specialist for the University of Minnesota and a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic.
She and her husband Miguel have four kids and live outside of St. Paul, MN.